The Equifax Data Breach & You

by Kacie Swartz | Sep 11, 2017


Although Equifax should reach out to you if your data was compromised, you can also check your status at  For Stone Asset Management clients, if you are affected, you may want to activate the TD Ameritrade "Loss Prevention" procedures.  A Loss Prevention Flag is available to help any clients who had their identity compromised, no matter if it's through this breach or if your mail was stolen off your front porch. By contacting our office to request Loss Prevention, TD Ameritrade will call us to verify any distributions. We must verbally confirm the distribution with our clients before TD Ameritrade will distribute the funds. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns!


Data Breach Infographic

Click image for Inforgraphic

Please click the "What to do after a breach" infographic above for more details on how to protect yourself from cyber attacks.