Results Not Typical?

by Kacie Swartz | Jan 10, 2019
We build financial plans with long-term goals in mind.
We envision your retirement, your kids in college, your dream of “summering as a verb”. Then we review your current financial resources, savings potential, and how many years in the future these goals will happen. That is the basis of your personal Investment Policy Statement.

A good plan is built on disciplined, practical research. Historically, most of the time those plans have positive results. But even good plans can have the occasional bad result. That is what we are facing with the 2018 market returns.


Quadrant Dec 2018 Newsletter

Your plan was designed around these principles. But past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. So don’t change the plan just because of a bad year. Alternatively, even a bad plan can have good results sometimes. You know your cousin who bought Apple stock in 1999 and lucked out?

He probably also bought stock in and maybe held some Worldcom stock. Concentrated portfolios with one or two stocks are a bad plan. Sure, some people are lucky but the odds are against you.

And that guy you work with that doesn’t contribute to the 401k but DOES buy PowerBall tickets? That’s just a bad plan with bad results.

So stay focused on YOUR plan. If you have concerns, or your goals are coming up in the next few years, contact our office to schedule an update meeting with Morgan or Kacie. We can help you stay in the top left quadrant.

Good plans outlast bad markets.

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