2019 Q2 Quarterly Market Summary

by Stone Wealth Management | Jul 16, 2019
This month we review second quarter performance across world markets. While we don’t base our investment strategies on short-term market movement, we do pay attention to these trends. By providing information about US investments, foreign investments and various asset classes, we hope to show you the benefits of maintaining a diversified portfolio.
This quarter, you’ll notice the performance of the world stock market (page 5) trended upwards slightly. The US markets outperformed foreign markets in the second quarter, with the strongest performance coming from the S&P 500: the largest stocks in the US. I n the fixed income world, yield on the 10 year Treasury fell to 2.0%. This led to yields dropping in other Fixed Income asset classes and total returns going up. 
Lastly, this quarter’s review includes a short article on the “The Uncommon Average”. This is an interesting look at how the long-term average returns of markets compare to what we experience on an annual basis. Being aware of the range of returns that make up an "average" can help us stay the course when we face the uncertain future.
As always, please reach out if you would like to discuss these topics or your personal financial planning. 


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